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Supply Chain, Information and Analytics


Our Supply Chain, Information and Analytics major is for problem solvers. Data is collected, stored in databases, analyzed and used to create efficiency in operations. You’ll study statistical analysis, data modeling and database management. Graduates have expertise in management information systems, supply chain and operations. With a data-driven approach, graduates are optimizing business performance as data analytics managers, IT consultants, and logistics analysts.

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Careers in Supply Chain, Information and Analytics

Logistics Coordinator | Supply Chain Analyst | Business Analyst | IT Analyst


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"One of the things that I think is often surprising to the students is the degree to which there is not one correct answer and becoming uncomfortable with some of that uncertainty. Really thinking through your reasoning on the problem more than just trying to get to a single correct answer."

Dr. Amy David, Clinical Assistant Professor, Supply Chain and Operations Management

Experiences in Supply Chain, Information and Analytics

Discover some of the clubs, organizations, and opportunities that make the Supply Chain major special.

Clubs and Organizations

Purdue recognizes the importance of clubs and organizations in the professional and personal development of its students. The Operations and Supply Chain Organization aims to provide its members a better understanding of the operations and supply chain careers along with knowledge that will aid in their studies.

Study Abroad

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected, and including international experience within higher education has become crucial. As a Supply Chain major at Krannert, you'll have a wide selection of programs to choose from. From a short spring break trip to a whole semester or two, there's a program that will fit your needs. Choose to study in locations including Germany, Ireland, Italy, and Japan.

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