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Purdue Master's

MS (Marketing) Curriculum

Summer Session - 8 credits

Fall (Module 1) - 8 credits

Fall (Module 2) - 8 credits

Spring (Module 3) - 8 credits

Spring (Module 4) - 8 credits

*Students can take the Marketing Analytics (MGMT 525) and Business Marketing (MGMT 623) courses either during the fall or spring semester.

Total Credits - 40

Course Descriptions

MGMT 520:  Pricing Strategy & Analysis (2 credits)

The course enables participants to formulate a systematic framework for approaching the problem of pricing a product, and more generally, a product line. The concepts and analytical methods necessary to develop such a framework are explored and incorporate marketing, competitive, and legal aspects.  The course will use a combination of lectures, case discussions and exercises. 

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MGMT 521:  Brand Management (2 credits)

This course exposes students to the issues and activities in brand management. Topics include developing the brand marketing plan, design and execution of integrated marketing communications, testing, launching, and repositioning of brands, creating and managing brand equity, formulating strategies for leveraging and defending brands, product line and category management.

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MGMT 522:  New Product Development (2 credits)

The course covers new product development issues including idea generation, concept testing, prototype development, patent protection, and product launch.  Student teams generate a new product idea, test the idea with target customers, and develop a product launch strategy.

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MGMT 525:  Marketing Analytics (2 credits)

This course equips students with quantitative and analytical techniques, and statistical software tools required for implementing marketing concepts such as segmentation, targeting, product positioning and product design. It trains students to use a data and analytics driven systematic approach for solving real marketing decision problems.

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MGMT 590:  Digital & Social Media Marketing (2 credits)

This course enables students to rethink marketing in the evolving digital age and develop capabilities in developing, implementing, and evaluating digital marketing strategies. Topics include: digital marketing strategy framework, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and location based marketing (mobile).

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MGMT 620:  Marketing Management (2 credits)

This course is an introduction to case method; topics include: the marketing process, customer analysis, industrial buyer behavior, segmentation, product strategies, marketing communications, channel strategies, pricing; course emphasizes marketing strategy formulation and implementation in a dynamic environment; student teams compete by managing a company in a marketing simulation.

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MGMT 623:  Business Marketing (2 credits)

This course deals with the challenges of marketing to commercial enterprises, government organizations, and non-profit institutions. It covers topics including organizational buying behavior, launching and management of new high tech products, beta testing, customer relationship management, and the importance of manufacturing-marketing coordination.

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MGMT 625:  Marketing Research (2 credits)

Development of a disciplined analytical and conceptual base that will enhance student skills in marketing research.  Provides hands-on experience applying state-of-the-art marketing research techniques and analysis tools to real-world business problems.  Enhances students’ abilities to integrate research information with good judgment to develop action plans for marketing management.  

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MGMT 590:  Data-Driven Marketing (2 credits)

The primary focus of this course will be on what insights marketers typically seek to gather from customer, company, and competitive data and how to integrate the insights gathered from data for marketing decisions.  The course will also provide students with a review of the best practices across a variety of industries and companies through case studies.  Finally, the course will include guest presentations by senior executives from the three major data-driven marketing firms who complete in the USA and worldwide. 

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MGMT 670:  Business Analytics (2 credits)

MGMT 690:  Marketing Consulting Project I & II

In this course, students apply marketing skills as they work directly with outside clients and participate in real-world marketing projects.   Clients include local start-ups and non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs working with Purdue’s Foundry and Discovery Park, and independent artisans, entrepreneurs and business owners in developing areas of the world.  Students are given flexibility in selecting projects of interest.  Teams meet regularly and on their own schedule to clarify project requirements, produce marketing materials, and present marketing deliverables to clients.  

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MGMT 590:  Communication and Persuasion (2 credits)

MGMT 590:  Customer and Market Analysis (2 credits)

Free or Immersion Elective (2 credits)