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Department of Economics Job Market Candidates

To obtain additional information on any of the candidates, please contact the Economics Department at the address or phone below, or contact the candidate directly. 

Department of Economics
Purdue University

Placement Officer: Tim Cason
(765) 494-1737
Placement Assistant: Matt Pavey
(765) 494-7064


 Daniel Bonin
Curriculum Vitae  Expected Completion Date:  May 2021

Fields:   Public Economics, Labor Economics, International Economics

Dissertation Title:  Policy-Induced Migration

Thesis Committee:  Kevin Mumford, Jillian Carr,  Farid Farrokhi, Tim Moore

Phone: (765) 775-9383
Web Page:

 William J Brown
Curriculum Vitae  Expected Completion Date: May 2021

Fields: Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics, Political Economy

Dissertation Title:  The Effect of Complexity in an Electorate: Experimental Evidence

Thesis Committee:  Tim Cason, Brian Roberson, Yaroslav Rosokha, Collin Raymond

Phone: (317) 670-3277
Web Page:
Xiaotian Liu
Curriculum Vitae
 Expected Completion Date: May 2021

Fields:  Spatial Econometrics, Time Series Econometrics, Empirical Asset Pricing, Industrial Organization, Labor Economics

Dissertation Title:  Specification and Estimation of a Spatial Autoregressive Sample Selection Model 

Thesis Committee:  Yong Bao, Mohitosh Kejriwal, Justin Tobias and Josh Chan

Phone: (919) 321-7912
Web Page:
Andrew Steckley
Curriculum Vitae  Expected Completion Date:  May 2021

Fields:   Labor Economics, Public Economics, Economics of Crime, Applied Econometrics

Dissertation Title:  Netflix and Crime

Thesis Committee:  Kevin Mumford (co-chair), Victoria Prowse (co-chair), Jillian Carr
Phone: (317) 450-1185
Web Page:

Daniel John Woods

Curriculum Vitae  Expected Completion Date:  May 2021

Fields:   Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics

Dissertation Title:  Using QRE Simulations for Ex-ante Power Analysis and Experimental Design

Thesis Committee:  Tim Cason, David Gill, Evan Calford, Collin Raymond
Phone: (765) 609-2904
Web Page: