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Technology Commercialization & Entrepreneurship

An Innovation Ecosystem

At Krannert, students are encouraged step outside of theory and actually get down to business.

Within arm’s reach of every classroom on campus is a dynamic idea factory — a real-world, practical R&D and startup ‘ecosystem’ that offers an unparalleled learning experience. This higher-education/private-enterprise ‘merger’ is where investors, manufacturing partners, entrepreneurs, researchers, professors, alumni and students continuously turn the gears of business evolution.

The Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship — which opened in 2004 with funding secured by the Krannert School — serves as the anchor and gateway for Discovery Park, a growing network of interdisciplinary facilities on the southwest edge of Purdue’s West Lafayette campus devoted to finding comprehensive solutions to complex problems.             

Whether you want to take new ideas or products to market in a startup or optimize them in an existing operational setting, you won’t find a more robust academic environment for commercialization than Purdue.

The Milken Institute ranks Purdue #1 in technology transfer and startup creation in both the Midwest and among U.S. universities without a medical school. The university hit a milestone in startup creation in 2018 with 223 startups, more than $350 million in funding and investments generated and more than 300 new jobs.

  • Burton D Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship

    Burton D Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship

    The Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship connects business and technology - fostering collaboration among faculty, students and stakeholders throughout the state and the world providing an understanding and application of entrepreneurship.

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