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The Purdue Brand of Business
Why Krannert?

STEM & Affordability Advantage

As a land-grant, research-based university with science, technology and engineering in its DNA, Purdue is equipped like no other to ensure your success and provide higher education at the highest proven value.

Ranked the #1 destination for international students in STEM disciplines, Purdue is home to the largest university-affiliated incubation park in the U.S. and earned a record $454 million in research awards in 2018 and received 128 U.S. patents.

Purdue also has more than 500 labs, centers and institutes that house ongoing research and development initiatives by faculty and graduate students and facilitate nearly 2,000 undergraduate student projects each year.

Students Solving an Issue

In addition to freezing tuition in 2013, Purdue’s investments in educational quality have elevated the University’s value exponentially. In just six years, Purdue has gone from the 2nd most expensive institution in the Big Ten Conference to the most affordable.

In 2018, The Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education ranked Purdue as the #4 best value university in the U.S, helping it achieve a record number of undergrad applications and enrollment, attract higher-caliber students and increase both its academic profile and graduation rate.  

"I wanted to make sure I learn practical and applicable material that would translate to my career-not just definitions, theories and 'concepts' that would forever be tucked away in the back of my brain. I wanted the complete toolkit to a successful future in business."

-Travis Baugh, MBA class of 2017